Fox tail butt plug – ready for hunt?

The fox tail butt plug is an anal sex toy created for the full of desires, adventurous people who want to have an even more arousing and surprising sex life.

It can be used by both women and men, giving them a wild a seductive look. Feeling the tail between your legs or the simple touch of it will bring all kinds of new and very interesting sensations.

Fox tail butt plugThe butt plugs must be made of resistant materials that perfectly molds on the anal area without producing any irritations or wounds.

There are thicker and thinner anal plugs and the materials from which a plug are made of glass, metal, neoprene, silicone and more.

One of the most common and appreciated material is the silicon because it provides an excellent penetration without no kinds of pain.

If you don’t know exactly what the fox tail butt plug is and how it can be used, don’t worry, you will find anything you need to know in this article.

After reading it, you are the one deciding if you want one, and if you do, this article will also tell you from where you can get one.

What are the butt plugs with fox tail after all?

Fox tail anal plugThe butt plugs with fox tail are excellent to use for role play and for those having a fantasy or a fetish with fur.

Wearing it will make you look like a he-fox ready to hunt his female or like a very and sensual sexy vixen ready to be wild in bed.

The butt plugs with fox tail offer not only a very luxurious look but also adds undiscovered sensations and extra stimulation to your sex life.

Butt plugs with fox tail are ideal for solo playing, for the erotic games with your partner and for naughty private parties.

The fox tail has its unique and natural movement and its touch on the skin is ‘guilty’ for the way you feel. But don’t feel guilty, even if you are animal lover

What to use: faux fox tail butt plug or a real one?

Black fox tail plugMost of the people don’t know what to choose: a faux fox tail butt plug or a butt plug made of the real fox?

The most of the fox tail plugs are made of real fox tail, the most of the tails coming from foxes that died of natural causes.

There are many people who fight for the animal rights and it is normal to be totally against the animal cruelty and there is no case to worry about the fox tail plug.

No foxes had to suffer for the fox tail plug, the tails being taking from foxes that died because of their age or from foxes who were victims of the car accidents.

For the people who have problems in using real fox tail, there are the faux fox tail butt plugs too. The only thing they have to do before purchasing a fox tail plug is to check the type of fox tail.

Where can we find fox tails for sale?

Fox tails for saleIn case that you want to live the experience of a fox tail butt plug and you wonder from where you can purchase one, you have to know that is hard to find fox tails for sale in the local sex shops.

The easiest way of finding them are the online stores. This is only a good thing since on an online store you can do the searching in your own privacy and you can find various models of fox tails for sale, you can read the reviews, compare the prices and choose the one that you like the most.

The fox tails for sale can be found in online stores such as,, and

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Which anal lube should I choose for my fox tail anal plug?

The anal zone doesn’t lubricate naturally and this is why is recommended to apply an anal lube before using a fox tail anal plug. The most preferred anal lube is the based on water one in order to have a perfectly relaxed zone and the penetration to happen without any type of risk.

Fox tail anal lubeNext, more delicate or faster moves can be made, depending on the each person’s choice.

Astroglide and Passion are good examples of water-based anal lube. These are thick, easy to wash in case it gets on the fox tail, they are non-irritating and natural.

Passion is a water-based lube known for its quality that can be used for the fox tail anal plugs and for other sex toys.

Astroglide is a paraben and glycerin free anal lube and is made for an allergic free anal experience.

System Jo is also a water-based anal lubricant that has no wax, silicone or oil. It is 100% latex safe and can be easily washed.

As the natural fibers of the fox fur can be ruined by the silicone lubricants it is better to not use them for the fox tail anal plug.

The sprays and the desensitizing creams should be avoided and the anal lube should be periodically changed. That should be done because your body will get used to the same anal lubricant and it will become less effective.

How to clean the fox tail plug?

Foxtail buttplugTo maintain your anal plug’s safety and the fox tail beautiful is very important to how to clean fox tail butt plug.

Both the tail and the butt plug can be washed with warm water in which you put some soap. The fox tail can be kept fluffy and supple by using a conditioning shampoo for it.

After the rising, the fox tail must lay flat on a towel until is dried. The anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner and the antibacterial liquid soap can be used for the rubber butt plug alone.

Rubber is a material that cannot be totally sterilized and this is why you have to use a condom if you share the fox tail butt plug with someone else.

Besides using the sex toy cleaner, the fox tail butt plug must be kept in a dry and clean place if you want the good shape to last in time. You have to be sure that the tail is totally dried before putting it in a plastic bag.

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Which are the best fox tail butt plugs?

Here you can see some of my favorite fox anal plugs.

Foxxxy tail butt plugFoxxxy Fox Tail Glass Anal Plug

This fox tail butt plug is ideal for role play and for kinky games, it has a flared safety base and a tapered tip for an easy insertion.

The plug is made of durable borosilicate glass and the narrow neck maintains the plug in place.

The glass is ideal for temperature play while the 9″ long fox tail is made of faux fur.

The fox tail has a striped pattern and is bushy. The dimension of this fox tail anal plug is: 1.46″ diameter, 4″ insertable and 4.5″ length.

Red fox tail butt plugCrystal Minx Canadian Red Fox Tail Plug

This fox tail butt plug is the winner of the 2012 AVN Best Fetish Product. It is made of glass and the tail is made of real fox fur, making this sex toy one that it is both nice to wear and to pet.

The tail has 15-18 inches in length and is thinner. Being made of real fur, the tails are unique in both size and color. They come in black, rust and caramel colors.

Since they are made of real fur, it is recommended not to tug the tails while being used and not to use them as a removal handler because you can break them.

This butt plug has 2.80 inches for the insertable part, 1.30 inches in width, the shape is tapered and the length has 3.30 inches.

The fox tails come from a US company specialized in ‘animals reused parts’, that are thrown away.

The producer of this fox tail butt plug is totally against the animals killing and it donates money to the animal charities.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found out all you wanted to know. If you still have some questions, you are welcome to contact me.