Canadian Red Fox Tail Butt Plug

The Crystal Minx Canadian Red Fox Tail Butt Plug has been awarded the 2013 AVN Best Fetish Product award. While completely unique and different, this plug will be sure to spice up your sex life in a way you’ve never seen before. The clear glass butt plug has been attached to a tail, which has been made from real fox fur. Never before has man and animal been able to come so close together.

Canadian red fox tail plugWhile the tail may be great for a fox to wear, it also gives you and your partners great pleasure in the bedroom. Because the tail comes directly from a Canadian Red Fox, the tail only runs between 15 and 18 inches and is thinner and more narrow than traditional tails. With great colors and an appealing taste, you and your sexual partner will be getting extremely excited by this piece of equipment.

Because the product is made with a real red fox tail, no one product will be the same as another. Each product is uniquely different. The biggest advantage to this fox tail butt plug is the fact that it’s completely different from anything we’ve seen before. The glass plug is extremely easy to clean and provides great pleasure in the bedroom. The only disadvantage to the product, is that such an amazing product comes at a high price.

While it may be an award-winning sexual experience, the price tag is rather high in comparison to other plugs. However, the plug does provide you with a unique experience that is bound to get you sexually pumped at any time of the day. The bottom line: It’s well worth the money you pay. Want to have this red fox tail butt plug? Well, you can get it here.

Fox Leather Mask

While fox tail anal plug is one of my favorite part of my fox outfit, it’s not the only one I like a lot. Recently I found this amazing fox mask made out of leather. It’s simply incredible.

This fox leather mask is hand molded out of leather and beautifully painted with acrylic paint. It looks much better then any other fox mask on the market.

This really is quality made mask. And is not only quality made, is also comfortable to wear. Each edge of of the mask is turned for strength and hand sanded and glazed to a smooth finish on the inside. That makes this fox mask comfortable enough to wear it all day long. And the thick elastic in the back makes sure mask will stay on it’s place.

I love the details on this mask. Specially curls that looks like tufts of fur and perky ears on top of this mask. This is probably the closest you can get to the really sly creature.

The only downside of this fox leather mask is the price. It’s quite high. But if you want really quality made mask, you have to pay the price.  135$ is a little high and out of reach for some people.

*I noticed that this mask is not available for purchase any more.

Fox Tail Butt Plug

Sexy, erotic, voluptuous, arousing, and stimulating! Are you adventurous and ready to give in to your animalistic carnal desires? Then, you are sure to make an impression with a luxurious Fox Tail Butt Plug sashaying between your legs and sensually rubbing against your perky behind. Seductive to watch and even more pleasurable to touch, Fox Tail Butt Plugs are the most erotic luxury, anal toys on the market.

What Are Fox Tail Butt Plugs?

Fox tail butt plugFox Tail Butt Plugs are specialty butt plugs that are used for fantasy animal role playing similar to doggy or puppy play. As a form of erotic sexual role play, one partner takes on the role of an animal in behavior and appearance, while the other partner may act as a rider (pony play), trainer (puppy play), or breeding partner. In BDSM play, the submissive partner may wear a fox tail butt plug as a form of humiliation. Other types of non-sexual role playing may include furry fandom as well, in which furry accessories are sometimes used to enhance the experience.

Whether or not you are into BDSM, or dominant and submissive power exchange, or furry fandom, if you love anal play, Fox Tail Butt Plugs are a fun and flirty way to spice up your sex life.

How Are Fox Tail Butt Plugs Used?

Black fox tail butt plugJust like ordinary butt plugs, Fox Tail Butt Plugs are inserted anally and are meant to be worn for a period of time during role playing. Proper butt plugs feature a flanged end for safety, so the plug doesn’t slip into the anal canal, as well as a bulb head which keeps the plug in place for extended periods.

A Fox Tail Butt Plug is just what every foxy lady needs to seduce her lover while bringing animal role playing and anal play to whole new level of passionate exploration. You can see few great examples right here.

How to clean Fox Tail Butt Plug?

Cleaning of both the butt plug and the fox tail can be done by washing in warm soapy water.  A conditioning shampoo is recommended for the tail to keep it supple, shiny and fluffy.  After a thorough rinsing, simply lay the fox tail flat on an absorbent towel to dry.

Antibacterial liquid soap and anti-bacterial sex toy cleaners can be used on the rubber butt plug itself.  But remember, rubber is a porous material and cannot be fully sterilized.  So, if you intend to share you plug with someone else, use a condom between play to avoid transfer for STDs and bacteria.

Before and after use, your Fox Tail Butt Plug should be stored in a clean, dry place to keep it in good shape for years to come.  Make sure the tail is absolutely dry and store it in a plastic zip lock bag in a drawer, or a shoe box for safe keeping, away from prying eyes.

Types of Fox Tail Butt Plugs

Most Fox Tail Butt Plugs are made from 100% authentic fox tails that have been deboned and tanned, so the fur stays intact.  Faux Fox Tails are made from synthetic fibers and come in many vibrant colors as well as ones that look natural as well.

Whether real or synthetic, the fur is then securely attached to an anal plug, usually made of rubber, that is inserted into the anus and worn as a tail.  These lavish animal tail butt plugs are loved by anal enthusiasts as the ultimate in plush, sensual anal play.

With natural or authentic Fox Tail Butt Plugs, colors vary from black, white, gray and red, the natural fur colors of foxes.

Examples of authentic black and white fox tail butt plug, and red fox tail butt plug, can be found over at JT Stockroom. Another black and white can also be found at Amazon.  Authentic Fox Tail Butt Plugs vary in length from 16-18”, while the plug itself may be 5-5 ½” of insertion.

Lube up your Fox Tail Butt Plug

When using Fox Tail Butt Plug, lots of lubricant should be used, especially lube that is designed specifically for anal play, as it is thicker and lasts longer.  Silicone lubricant should be avoided with fox fur as it can ruin the natural fibers.

A thick water-based anal lube like Passion or Astroglide is recommended for Fox Tail Butt Plugs as it is easy to wash out if it gets on the fur. Water-based lube is perfectly designed for anal play, and is natural and non-irritating.

Avoid using desensitizing creams or sprays as well, anal play is a pleasure that should be fully experienced, and not being able to feel can cause injury.

This are some of the best water-based lubes. This are some of the ones I would recommend (and use). They are also often recommended by many happy users.

Astroglide paraben free lube
This Astroglide is glycerin and paraben free lube. It’s water-based anal lube specially made for for allergic free anal fun. Get it here.
Passion water-based lubricant
Passion is high quality all natural formula water-based lube and can be used with all kind of sex toy materials. You can find it here.
Systen Jo anal lube
System Jo is water-based lube that contains no oil, silicone, or wax and washes off easily and is also 100% latex safe. Find it here.
Another quick advice. I would recommend that you periodically change the lube you use. Your body will over time get used of the lube you use and lube will become a little less effective.