Canadian Red Fox Tail Butt Plug

The Crystal Minx Canadian Red Fox Tail Butt Plug has been awarded the 2013 AVN Best Fetish Product award. While completely unique and different, this plug will be sure to spice up your sex life in a way you’ve never seen before. The clear glass butt plug has been attached to a tail, which has been made from real fox fur. Never before has man and animal been able to come so close together.

Canadian red fox tail plugWhile the tail may be great for a fox to wear, it also gives you and your partners great pleasure in the bedroom. Because the tail comes directly from a Canadian Red Fox, the tail only runs between 15 and 18 inches and is thinner and more narrow than traditional tails. With great colors and an appealing taste, you and your sexual partner will be getting extremely excited by this piece of equipment.

Because the product is made with a real red fox tail, no one product will be the same as another. Each product is uniquely different. The biggest advantage to this fox tail butt plug is the fact that it’s completely different from anything we’ve seen before. The glass plug is extremely easy to clean and provides great pleasure in the bedroom. The only disadvantage to the product, is that such an amazing product comes at a high price.

While it may be an award-winning sexual experience, the price tag is rather high in comparison to other plugs. However, the plug does provide you with a unique experience that is bound to get you sexually pumped at any time of the day. The bottom line: It’s well worth the money you pay. Want to have this red fox tail butt plug? Well, you can get it here.

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