Fox Leather Mask

While fox tail anal plug is one of my favorite part of my fox outfit, it’s not the only one I like a lot. Recently I found this amazing fox mask made out of leather. It’s simply incredible.

This fox leather mask is hand molded out of leather and beautifully painted with acrylic paint. It looks much better then any other fox mask on the market.

This really is quality made mask. And is not only quality made, is also comfortable to wear. Each edge of of the mask is turned for strength and hand sanded and glazed to a smooth finish on the inside. That makes this fox mask comfortable enough to wear it all day long. And the thick elastic in the back makes sure mask will stay on it’s place.

I love the details on this mask. Specially curls that looks like tufts of fur and perky ears on top of this mask. This is probably the closest you can get to the really sly creature.

The only downside of this fox leather mask is the price. It’s quite high. But if you want really quality made mask, you have to pay the price.  135$ is a little high and out of reach for some people.

*I noticed that this mask is not available for purchase any more.

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