Fox Tail Butt Plug

Sexy, erotic, voluptuous, arousing, and stimulating! Are you adventurous and ready to give in to your animalistic carnal desires? Then, you are sure to make an impression with a luxurious Fox Tail Butt Plug sashaying between your legs and sensually rubbing against your perky behind. Seductive to watch and even more pleasurable to touch, Fox Tail Butt Plugs are the most erotic luxury, anal toys on the market.

What Are Fox Tail Butt Plugs?

Fox tail butt plugFox Tail Butt Plugs are specialty butt plugs that are used for fantasy animal role-playing similar to doggy or puppy play. As a form of erotic sexual role play, one partner takes on the role of an animal in behavior and appearance, while the other partner may act as a rider (pony play), trainer (puppy play), or breeding partner. In BDSM play, the submissive partner may wear a fox tail butt plug as a form of humiliation. Other types of non-sexual role-playing may include furry fandom as well, in which furry accessories are sometimes used to enhance the experience.

Whether or not you are into BDSM, or dominant and submissive power exchange, or furry fandom, if you love anal play, Fox Tail Butt Plugs are a fun and flirty way to spice up your sex life.

How Are Fox Tail Butt Plugs Used?

Black fox tail butt plugJust like ordinary butt plugs, Fox Tail Butt Plugs have inserted anally and are meant to be worn for a period of time during role-playing. Proper butt plugs feature a flanged end for safety, so the plug doesn’t slip into the anal canal, as well as a bulb head which keeps the plug in place for extended periods.

A Fox Tail Butt Plug is just what every foxy lady needs to seduce her lover while bringing animal role-playing and anal play to the whole new level of passionate exploration. You can see few great examples right here.

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