Types of Fox Tail Butt Plugs

Most Fox Tail Butt Plugs are made from 100% authentic fox tails that have been deboned and tanned, so the fur stays intact.  Faux Fox Tails are made from synthetic fibers and come in many vibrant colors as well as ones that look natural as well.

Whether real or synthetic, the fur is then securely attached to an anal plug, usually made of rubber, that is inserted into the anus and worn as a tail.  These lavish animal tail butt plugs are loved by anal enthusiasts as the ultimate in plush, sensual anal play.

With natural or authentic Fox Tail Butt Plugs, colors vary from black, white, gray and red, the natural fur colors of foxes.

Examples of authentic black and white fox tail butt plug, and red fox tail butt plug, can be found over at JT Stockroom. Another black and white can also be found at Amazon.  Authentic Fox Tail Butt Plugs vary in length from 16-18”, while the plug itself may be 5-5 ½” of insertion.

Black fox tail butt plug

Red fox tail plug
Black fox tail plug

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